Introducing undeniable transparency: 100% traceability with the help of Blockchain Technology.

The modern fashion value chain is often global, complex and therefore un-transparent. We consciously chose steps for each part of the process, from the main fiber sourcing, to the production process. In line with our philosophy, we have full traceability of every step in the production process. This way both Rhea and you as a consumer can make informed decisions about garments you choose to invest in. 

We work with Blockchain Technology as a tool to guarantee traceability and transparency along the entire value chain. 


How it works

Blockchain Technology records transactions in a digital tamper-proof and decentralised database. Information is distributed across a network of computers or nodes¹, is accessible to anyone in the network, and cannot be altered or deleted in order to be fully transparent.

Any node can add information that must be approved and recorded by all the nodes of the network and organised as “blocks”. Each stakeholder has its own protected profile and the whole network is informed immediately of any modification.



A unique QR code is generated for each knit of Rhea. Once you receive your knit you can scan the QR code to view the NATIVA Blockchain website, where you can trace the journey of the wool from wool to wear.  



Our value chain

Farms - 1/4

We source our wool from the NATIVA group, from a certified farm in the North of Uruguay. Estancia La Magdalena is a family owned farm and one of the most emblematic farms in Uruguay due it’s history, size and productivity. It has outstanding practices on animal welfare, land management and CSR. More about La Magdalena

Product: NATIVA™ Merino Wool
Name: La Magdalena, Salto
Location: Uruguay


Combing mill - 2/4

Lanas Trinidad is the main producer and exporter of combed wool tops in Uruguay. Since quality starts in the fields, the Company has always supported farmers facilitating the introduction of valuable working tools and stimulating the production of fine and superfine wool encouraging farmers who stand by others for excellent features of their product. More about Lanas Trinidad

Product: NATIVA™ Wool Top
Name: Chargeurs combing mill
Location: Uruguay

The combing: The greasy wool is washed, classified and dried, ready to be combed into wool tops.


Spinning mill - 3/4

The Schoeller Spinning Group is a global supplier of yarns with a particular focus on worsted yarn. They offer a large range of products and work in close collaboration with their customers. The quality of textiles for fashion, sports and technical fields of application is essentially depending on the quality of the primary material used - the yarn. They strictly observe ecological guidelines along the complete production and procurement chain. We dye, wash and spin our wool at Schoeller spinning group in Italy. We specifically choose to work with Schoeller as they are at the forefront of environmental innovations such as environmental friendly dyes and chemical free treatments to prolong the life cycle of the knitwear. 

Product: NATIVA™ Wool Yarn
The Schoeller Spinning Group

The dying: The wool is dyed in line with the 'bluesign' certification. This certificates textiles low on harmful substances, environmentally-friendly production processes. After the dye the knitwear follows a wool finishing process to remain machine-washable.

The spinning: The wool tops are turned into yarns before they are knitted as garments.



Garment manufacturing - 4/4

Garlita is a family owned knitted garment manufacturer in Lithuania. Innovation, technology and craftsmanship are at the core of Garlita. Producing knitwear in the most sustainable and innovative way possible. This is the most labor intensive part of production of our knitwear. Understanding the working conditions, a strong relationship and regular visits are very important to work together and ensure the ethical side of the production process. More about Garlita

Product: NATIVA™ Wool Sweaters

The knitting: All steps from wool yarn  to final garment: knitting, pressing and packing take place at Garlita.

Complete garment knitting is a next-generation form of fully fashioned knitting that adds the capability of making a 3-dimensional full garment. Unlike other fully fashioned knitting, where the shaped pieces must still be sewn together, finished complete knitted garments do not have seams.



¹ Nodes: A node is a computer connected to other computers which follows rules and shares information. Nodes are essential for keeping a cryptocurrency network running.