Rhea [Ree-ah].

Originating from early Greek mythology, as the ‘The Great Mother’. Rhea represented the eternal flow of time and generations.


With that responsibility - we take our knitwear seriously. Ringing true to the name, Rhea manifests the values and aesthetics of nature. Astutely aware of our societal role, our impact, and the profound difference we can make together. Committed to responsible consumption and cultivating sustainable buying habits within our community, we are practicing our intuitive purpose. A need of fewer, better garments that support our authentic self.

We’re in tune to the mood of the world, deeply connected to human emotion and continuously reflecting and adapting to the most sustainable practices and needs of our partners and community. This led us to consciously chosen steps for each part of the process, from the main fiber sourcing, to the production process and extending the life cycle of our knitwear.

Utilising one of nature’s hero fibers, we create knitwear in harmony with the environment in a sustainable production process. We build valued relationships with our partners to raise the standards globally. Both in our supply chain as well with our Rhea Foundation.

The story behind our knitwear is just as beautiful as the garments themselves.