We like to think we’ve paved the way for our products longevity and with a little extra care and consideration at home, our customers can enjoy a product that lives through the seasons with them. 

We encourage you to wear more and wash less, 25% of a garment's environmental footprint happens at home, because Merino Wool is self cleaning you can simply use the air-out method and spot clean when possible. This is both gentler on our environment by reducing both water and power used to wash, and also extends the life cycle of your knit.


Air Out Method .

Simply allow your knitwear to breath by hanging your knit in the fresh air for an hour or so, this can be done at any time after wearing. Store your knits flat and folded to keep them in their best form.


When washing .

Our knits are machine washable, we advise the delicate cycle on your washing machine teamed with a low temperate and mild detergent as the most ideal setting to wash on. We also recommend a mesh washing bag for heavier knits to help keep shape during the spin cycle.

Your hair shampoo and a pillowcase can be used in place of these product specific items.


Spot Cleaning .

Another fast and effective way to reduce the full wash cycle is spot cleaning. Stains and spills happen.. act fast and treat it immediately where possible. Ox Gall Soap is a great, natural tool for removing stains. Use a small amount with water and dab softly on the stain, lather it in and wait for a few minutes, rinse and repeat until the stain is gone. Alternatively dry cleaning works well for stains too. Hot Tip: Never store knitwear with stains.


Ironing .

Merino is naturally wrinkle resistant, so minimal ironing is required. When necessary, use a medium iron or a steamer to remove wrinkles and restore a smooth surface.


Flat Drying .

Knits love a flat surface when drying, it helps keep their shape, especially the heavier ones. Dry flat, preferably on a towel to absorb and extra moisture.


Repair .

Pulls or holes are definitely not the end of your knitwear, they are part of any products natural life cycle and can be easily repaired to extend the life of your garment. We have made a conscious effort to keep spare wool in the exact colour you need to repair your knit. 

Send us an email here and will will send you some matching thread free of charge, and provide you with the easy step by step process.


Store with cedar balls .

We happily gift you cedar balls with each purchase as they naturally repel moths and insects from snacking on your wool. The cedar wood fragrance keeps the pests away, while keeping Rhea knits fresh for the next wear.

Fun Fact: Our cedar ball bags are made from reclaimed natural fabrics and are manufactured by our small local tailor. It’s the little big things that count.