By Women for Women”... a kind of mantra for Roos, Hannah, Bridget - the co-founders of the label Rhea - other values important to the brand include authenticity, femininity & embracing an unapologetic attitude. The people they work with during the creative process are as central to Rhea’s story as the ethically sourced wool, recycled materials & upcycled designs. 



The brand which hails from Amsterdam has teamed up with Kiki Boreel - Sustainable Fashion Expert and Dutch native. The collaboration encapsulates what both parties stand for: awareness of their responsibility to society and the environment, working consciously on reducing waste and removing unsustainable production practices.


“I like that Rhea is traceable & transparent as to where they source their materials. It’s a ‘slow’ brand with longevity over trends, which for me personally is one of the most important things there is - I want clothes that I can wear for a long period of my life.”

Kiki Boreel, Sustainable Fashion Expert.



The new season has a focus on reducing, reusing & recycling by showcasing upcycled items alongside timeless pieces made from biodegradable Merino Wool that is ethically sourced through Nativa. Using 100% deadstock Cotton they introduced a capsule collection of limited-edition shirts from the famed Italian mill Thomas Mason that would otherwise be seen as wastage. The brand also offers a recycling program, creating full circularity in its supply chain.


We work with blockchain technology to provide complete transparency & have complete ownership over our supply chain from start to finish. Sustainability is a way to live, act, and to be inspired. We believe it can be done better.