Socio-economic Impact

Astutely aware of our societal role, our impact, and the profound difference we can make together. We’re in tune to the mood of the world, deeply connected to human emotion and continuously reflecting and adapting to the most sustainable practices and needs of our partners and community. 

We work with Blockchain Technology as a tool to guarantee traceability and transparency along the entire value chain. We build valued relationships with our partners to raise the standards globally. Both in our supply chain as well with our Rhea Foundation. 

Value chain, transparency & partnerships

Stemming from a deep respect and knowhow towards the product and the people working to produce it, our values of traceable wool and a transparent supply chain are at the forefront of our brand. We work with ethical factories with whom we have built personal relationships with over time only. 

The fashion value chain is often global, complex and therefore un-transparent. We consciously chose steps for each part of the process, from the main fiber sourcing, to the production process. In line with our philosophy, we have full traceability of every step in the production process. This way we are able to ensure the garment workers receive fair pay, and work in safe environments. 


Our next steps - Certifications

We fully certify the manufacturing of products using NATIVA™️ wool, and ensure ethical standards are met throughout the process. All partners throughout the value chain meet the social-, environmental and animal welfare standards of NATIVA™️. Our next step is working on a social certification with all the partners in our value chain.