Committed to responsible consumption and cultivating sustainable buying habits within our community, we are practicing our intuitive purpose. A need for fewer, better garments that support our authentic self. Utilising one of nature’s hero fibers, we create knitwear in harmony with the environment in a sustainable production process. 

We work with Blockchain Technology as a tool to guarantee traceability and transparency along the entire value chain. Through our production process, we're working to preserve and protect the environment and focus on quality to last a lifetime.

Environmentally friendly dye

The colourful dyes we use are Oeko-Tex® certified. This means they are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. The process is water-efficient and treats waste effluents, as well as capturing and reusing water during the washing processes. This dye process saves up to 80 liters of water per garment. Our next step is non-dyed or natural dyed garments. 


Chlorine-free treatment

The treatment process we use at our spinning mill to enable the wool to remain machine-washable and to prolong the life cycle of the knitwear is free from harmful chemicals and chlorine.

This wool treatment process meets the strict criteria of the bluesign®, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and the Oeko-Tex® standard. 


Recycled materials for our packaging, labels & hang tag

Our packaging is made out of recycled materials and easy to reuse or dispose after use. Our principles around packaging are Reduce, Reuse Recycle. 


We only developed packaging and labels that have a function. No excessive unboxing experience. A need for fewer, better items that support the shipping and taking care of the knitwear. Saving you a lot of trips to the trash bins and way better for our future planet.


We happily gift you cedar wooden balls with each purchase as they naturally repel moths and insects from snacking your wool. The cedar ball bags are made from reclaimed natural fabrics.

Our knitwear comes with a recycled cotton ribbon which you can reuse, get inspired how to reuse our ribbon on our Instagram.


The shipping box and hang tags are made out of recycled cardboard. The main garment label is made out of recycled nylon. Our next step is developing a recycled care label. 


Up next - Better understanding our impact

We’re working hard to continuously improve our environmental impact. Carbon is a key measure in fighting the climate crisis. The first step is undertaking a carbon footprint analysis around our e-commerce operations and product life cycle. We’re currently planning to conduct this analysis and setting our commitments.